Cynthia Lin

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Cynthia Lin playing jazz ukulele

Creator of the #100DaysofUkuleleSongs project, Cynthia Lin is a singer-songwriter, YouTuber, and ukulele artist based in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Through her popular YouTube channel (60+ million views) and approachable teaching style, Cynthia has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world to discover the joy of ukulele. Her online Patreon community has nearly 5000 members, and she leads the vibrant San Francisco Uke Jam community with her uke partner Ukulenny. Together they founded the San Francisco Uke Fest, which was officially recognized by the State Assembly of California.

As a singer-songwriter, Cynthia has released 9 album recordings independently, with her recent albums Ukulele Days and Cozy Christmas hitting the Billboard charts in their first week of release. In her latest project, the ukulele "supergroup" trio U3's island-inspired In Waves, Cynthia shares her versatile vocals on songs ranging from Japanese bossa nova to cherished Hawaiian classics to sultry jazz ballads. She encourages you to follow your passion.